Masks for Anesthesia, Respiratory or Resuscitation Use

This Anesthesia Mask by ASP Medical can be used for anesthesia, respiratory or resuscitation use. This mask features clear flexible faceplates with a contoured cushion that creates a gentle seal with the patient’s face. This disposable mask is meant for single-use only and has a universal fit connector. This cushion is a soft, pliable air-filled cushion that includes an inflation valve on the top and hook ring. This Anesthesia Mask is Non-sterile and Latex-free, using only high-quality, medical grade, clear PVC. This mask follows ISO standard sizing and is available in a range of sizes for adult, pediatric and infant use. Masks are individually bagged with color-coded rings for size identification.

Anesthesia Mask with Eye Tape also available!

This version of the single-use, disposable Anesthesia Mask includes peel-and-stick eye strips with tabs are strategically positioned on the mask for immediate visibility and prompt application. This can be used as an alternative to non-sterile rolls typically used to tape patients’ eyes. Our hypoallergenic eye strips are designed specifically for patient comfort. As with our standard Anesthesia Mask, this one can also be used for anesthesia, respiratory or resuscitation use. It also features a clear flexible faceplate with a soft, pliable air-filled cushion that can be inflated by the valve to create a gentle seal with the patient’s face. This Anesthesia Mask with Eye Tape features a universal fit connector and follows the same sizing standards as above.

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