Available in a Range of Different Widths and Colors!

Our Cohesive Bandages are self-adherent and provide consistent compression when wrapped, adhering only to itself. The slightly tacky feel eliminates any slipping or loosening that can occur with other bandages and wraps. These bandages provide comfortable support without constricting the patient and can be used in a variety of situations. Our Cohesive Bandages are made of breathable fabric for ultimate patient comfort and is easy to tear by hand. These bandages are available in both latex/latex-free and sterile/non-sterile options. They are also available in a wide range of widths and colors in order to meet health systems’ branding or preferences.

Similarly, our Disposable Tourniquets are Customized for Safety and Other Needs

ASP Medical’s bright colored, single-use tourniquets are designed with patient safety and clinician use in mind. Our disposable tourniquets are available in five standard colors: blue, orange, yellow, green, and purple. The bright-colored tourniquets help avoid accidentally leaving one in place for too long when used in the ED. When designing products like this and our Cohesive Bandages, ASP Medical takes into account specific features that directly align to clinicians’ workflow, clinical needs, and critical safety requirements.

Leading IDNs turn the spotlight on low-preference supplies

Leading IDNs are tightening up management of “low-preference” and “commodity” supplies within their med/surg spend, and improving value with both quality improvements and cost improvements. The first big lesson these forward-thinking leaders learned? That frontline clinicians actually have strong and principled preferences about many “commodity” items.

Many supply chain folks that we know might say this is a commodity item, but not the ones who are a daily end-user of this product feel differently. ASP Global is able to define preferences in color, length, stretch, width, texture, packaging, and material for “commodity items” like this one. Quality improvement is achieved in this category by understanding and serving clinician preferences for these items.

Breakthrough cost improvement is also achievable in these “low-preference” or “commodity” categories. Committing spend to unlock new savings is a traditional strategy for healthcare sourcing. But what’s new today is the emergence of comprehensive, programmatic management of commodity spend through GPOs and other purchasing groups.

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