Fluid Resistant Face Mask with Shield

ASP Medical’s Full Face Shields are made of durable plastic material that is both anti-fog and anti-static. The shield includes a foam headband for pressure relief and is lightweight for comfort. The shields are made of clear plastic and are OSHA compliant.

This particular type of face mask has a high filtration rate, and the wraparound eye shield helps ensure maximum face and eye protection. The mask features either ties or earloops to secure on user. Earloops are sealed to mask on outside to minimize irritation and provide better coverage.

From our blog:

Preferences Don’t Have to Drive Variation in PPE Products

The smallest adjustments to personal protective equipment and apparel can make a big impact on your hospital staff and patients. Too often, we see supply chain data that shows variation and SKU proliferation in categories like shoe covers, coveralls, isolation gowns, bouffant caps, gloves, and disposable scrubs. We want our health system partners to know that direct sourcing can help you satisfy all staff preferences and standardize to a lower-cost, higher-quality product.

From our blog:

COVID-19 uncovers the dangers of “putting all your eggs in one basket”

For many years in healthcare, there has been a massive push to standardize, reduce vendors, and partner closely with a distribution company. This trend has helped to drive down costs, strengthens key partnerships, and often works well for the facility. In times of crisis, however, the risks inherent to this model become apparent. With worldwide shortages of supplies, rigid strictness in the allocation of goods and product hoarding, the single-sourcing risk is at the highest, leaving many with vastly increased prices or no supply at all.

Full Face Shield



  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Anti-fog and anti-static
  • Foam headband for pressure relief
  • Light weight for comfort while in use
  • Optically clear plastic for ease of use
  • OSHA compliant

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