These pillows also come with an attached permanent marker that provides the opportunity for patient education and notes of encouragement on the cardiothoracic pillows. These pillows are developed by Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, a subsidiary of ASP Global. They offer a variety of pillows for post-operative, pediatric and maternity patients.

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Heart Pillow

ASP Medical’s Heart Pillow is provided to patients undergoing surgical and noninvasive procedures. This pillow is available with a permanent marker that can be used for teaching patients about the procedure they are undergoing and autographing words of encouragement from hospital staff and friends. There are a number of different fabrics available for this pillow and it is offered in a variety of colors and sizes. That being said, health systems can easily customize this Heart Pillow with their logo or a special message of their choice. See below for some examples.

Lung Pillow

The Lung pillow comes with a custom imprint for extra cushion and is specially made to provide coughing comfort as well as help your patient’s breathing capabilities. There are also different fabrics available for this pillow and it is offered in a variety of colors. This pillow also comes with an ink pen and includes a sewn-in pen holder for any well-wishes that the health system’s care team would like to write. Hospitals can customize the Lung Pillow with a logo or special message of their choice, too!

Original Heart Pillow


The heart pillows from Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, an ASP Global Company, provide proven medical support and improve healing for patients recovering from heart surgeries.

Powerful Benefits

  • Help patients heal
  • Provide education and an emotional connection
  • Give patients consistent sternal support for improved healing
  • Reduce pain during coughing, deep breathing and moving
  • Use customized imprints and diagrams as easy-to-understand educational tools

Imprint and customization options:

All Therapeutic Pillows can be imprinted with your facility’s logo on one side and your choice of anatomical diagrams on the other side. Further customization can include:

  • Permanent market for instruction and words of encouragement
  • Optional seat belt straps and handles
  • Your choice of fabric color

Size Options:

  • Small/Youth (13″ x 12″)
  • Medium (17″ x 13″)
  • Large (19″ x 14″)
  • Toddler (11″ x 9″)

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Why it Works:

Dr. Jose Torres, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Yavapai Regional Medical Center discusses the benefits of incorporating the Original Heart Pillow into his practice.



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