Personal Patient Fan

ASP Medical’s Patient Fans are a compact size for personal use. Fans are battery powered, taking four AA batteries and are currently only available in white. However, patient Fans can be customized with your health system logo or a special message of your choice to match your branding.

Personal Compact Fan

Our Compact Personal Fans are also meant designed for individual patient use. These Patient Fans take four D batteries and are also available in white. These fans create a pleasant background noise that masks other sounds in a hectic hospital setting. This product can be customized for your hospital.

Personal Clip Fan

ASP Medical’s Personal Clip Fan differs from our other options as it is designed to be attached to tabletops or other surfaces for patients’ personal use. This is a 6″ clip fan and is powered by an A/C power cord (120 A/C). Available only in white, but can be customized with your health system logo.

Patient Preference Items

ASP Medical believes that patient preference items can provide comfort to and engage your patients, improving their experience during and after their care. Patient Fans are one of these patient preference items! Patient preference items are the products that your patients use and touch during their stay or post-discharge. When health systems choose high-quality, thoughtfully-designed products, they demonstrate care and consideration for each patient.

Patient preference items serve to deepen patient engagement, extend patient relationships, and solve patient problems before they arise. For example, fans can help drown out noisy units to your patients before they ask – much like earplugs or earbuds.

Fan, Personal

Compact patient fan


  • Compact size for personal use
  • Battery powered – takes 4-AA batteries
  • Available in white

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