Infusion Pillow


Created for comfort for patients undergoing dialysis and chemotherapy, our infusion pillow from Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, an ASP Global company, helps increase comfort.

Powerful Benefits

  • Provides comfortable support for the infusion arm
  • Ensures proper alignment for the head and neck
  • Supports the lower back and/or neck
  • Promotes rest and relaxation during lengthy treatments

Imprint and customization options:

Your facility can brand the pillow with your logo and warning signs specific to your patients’ needs. Imprints are available for both the chemotherapy and dialysis infusion pillows. Further customization can include:

  • Permanent market for instruction and words of encouragement
  • Your choice of fabric color

Size Options:

  • One size (12″ x 7″)

For further information on Shumsky pillows email