Port Pillow


These port pillows from Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, an ASP Global Company, provide proven medical support and improve healing for patients recovering from surgeries.

Powerful Benefits

  • Help patients heal
  • Provide education and an emotional connection
  • Give patients consistent sternal support for improved healing
  • Reduce pain during coughing, deep breathing and moving
  • Use customized imprints and diagrams as easy-to-understand educational tools

Imprint and customization options:

All Therapeutic Pillows can be imprinted with your facility’s logo on one side and your choice of anatomical diagrams on the other side. Further customization can include:

  • Permanent market for instruction and words of encouragement
  • Optional seat belt straps and handles
  • Your choice of fabric color

Size Options:

  • Port Pillow, 4” x 6”

Click on Port Pillow to download a copy.

For further information on Shumsky pillows email customerservice@shumskypillows.com