SAFE-T-FILL® Whole Blood – Hematology


SAFE-T-FILL Capillary Blood Collection Tubes are 100% plastic capillary blood collection systems. Available for a wide range of applications, the Capillary Collection Tubes are pre-assembled with a capillary tube, attached cap and a micro tube.

The capillary tube uses capillary action to draw the blood into the micro tube thereby eliminating the tendency for scooping. Because the capillary tube is also coated with anticoagulant, the blood sample mixes with it immediately to prevent clotting. When filled end-to-end, the length of the capillary tube is equal to the stated fill volume. This results in tissue-free samples, reduced clotting, accurate sample volume and ultimately, fewer redraws and increased patient comfort.

The attached cap is color coded to designate the type of additive that is in both the capillary tube and the micro tube. Since the cap is attached, the possibility of contamination or accidental loss is eliminated. The caps are pierce-able and available as self-sealing.

End-to-End Filling

  • Capillary action in “straw”
  • Full straw equals stated fill volume, 4 sizes available
  • Additive in straw allows for immediate mixing to reduce clotting

No Scooping

  • Reduces hemolysis
  • Yields tissue-free samples
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Reduces re-draws

Easy to Use

  • Pierce-able and self-sealing caps
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates printed on micro tube
  • Variety of additives and sizes
  • Tube extenders available
  • Flat bottom and amber tubes available
EDTA* Mini Capillary Collection 125 μL07 6011
EDTA* Mini Capillary Collection 125 μL Self-Sealing07 6013
EDTA* Capillary Collection 150 μL07 7052
EDTA* Capillary Collection 200 μL07 7051
EDTA* Capillary Collection 200 μL Self-Sealing07 7056
EDTA* Capillary Collection 200 μL Flat Bottom07 7058
EDTA* Capillary Collection 300 μL

*Liquid Dipotassium EDTA
07 7053