Designed for Patient Comfort

Our Reusable Gel Hot or Cold Packs provide fast relief to patients dealing with swelling, bruising, muscle pain and cramps. This pack is perfect for those who have recurring hot and cold therapy needs. Patients can either microwave this reusable pack for warm therapy or freeze it for cold therapy, depending on their specific needs. These packs include non-woven slip covers that are meant to protect patients’ skin. These Reusable Gel Hot or Cold Packs are intended to be for single-patient use, and further instructions are conveniently printed on the gel pack packaging.

Versatile to Meet Patient Needs

This reusable gel pack is designed to provide patients with whatever therapy they need, whether it be hot or cold, and it’s easy to use. If the patient is in need of warm therapy for muscle aches and stiffness, the pack can be microwaved to provide soothing heat to the affected area and increase blood flow. If the patient is experiencing pain and swelling, the pack can also easily be stored in the freezer and used as an ice pack to provide flexible ice and help decrease blood flow.

From our blog:

An outbreak of C. Auris infection reinforces the importance of single-patient-use products

Our value analysis team works hand-in-hand with clinicians to source products that help control infections. We understand the drivers of clinician compliance and satisfaction with disposable products like gowns, masks and gloves. We also offer single-patient-use items that can be reused by a single patient but not shared, striking the right balance between disposable and reusable. Items in this category include stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and digital thermometers.

Pack, Reusable Gel Hot or Cold


  • Fast relief for swelling, bruising, muscle pain and cramps
  • Reusable pack
    • microwavable for warm therapy
    • freeze for cold therapy
  • Packs include non-woven covers to protect patient skin
  • Instructions for use are printed on gel pack packaging
  • Single-patient use

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